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Domestic Cleaning FAQ

We've included some common questions about our domestic cleaning service below. If you have further questions please feel free to give us a call. Our telephone number is at the top of this page.

How do I proceed with engaging your services?

To make an appointment at a time suitable to you for one of our representatives to visit your home please contact us by telephone on 01604 696147 or by sending us an email. This appointment lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

Does the service continue if my housekeeper goes on holiday?

Yes, if you require it. A lot of our clients are happy not to have a service if their regular housekeeper is on holiday. However, with the pool of 'floating housekeepers' continuance of the service can be maintained if you prefer.

What happens if my housekeeper doesn’t turn up?

We will endeavour to find you a replacement housekeeper if you so require. The Company has a pool of 'floating housekeepers' who are on call to cover events such as this. It may be that your regular housekeeper is ill and has failed to notify us. A quick telephone call to the office will rectify this situation.

What cleaning tasks are covered?

Our housekeepers are insured to cover any housework you require in the boundaries of your house. Please be aware that we are not insured for any work required outside of the home.

Can I specify the day my housekeeper comes?

Yes, you can select any time and any day between Monday 9am and Friday 3pm.

How long will it take to allocate my housekeeper?

Between 3 and 10 working days.

How do you select your housekeepers?

Very carefully and very thoroughly! The majority of our housekeepers come via word of mouth. All potential housekeepers are interviewed in their own homes and references obtained and followed up prior to any allocation of work. Only when we are 100% satisfied are the housekeepers entered onto our database.

Are your housekeepers insured?

All our housekeepers are covered for public liability and personal injury.

What kind of service do you offer?

Belle Casa (UK) offers the same housekeeper to come to your home on a weekly basis to undertake cleaning and/or ironing services.